As a marketing leading lanolin specialist with 25 years of production experience. FANRONG has been devoted to different grades of lanolin especially high quality and purity pharma grade lanolin. Fanrong has been fast growing in recent decade and our products are widely recognized by both overseas and domestic customers. As a result of local governmental landing policy, Fanrong closed our old plant in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province and opened a new plant named Anhui Fanrong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. which was put into run in June 2021 located in the Suxu Modern Industrial Park in northeast Anhui Province China. Covering 20,000 m2, with 50 million RMB total investment, the new plant is loaded with most advance equipment and latest innovative technology to meet international pharmacopeia standards as well as customer's various requirements. Fanrong pharma grade HPA lanolin is naturally and gently refined from high quality Australian Merino wool, using solvent-free and advanced eco-friendly purification technology to deliver the purest and most nutrient-rich end results for different cosmetics and skin & hair care. Lanolin has many industrial uses as well. Our industrial grade and technical grade lanolin also enjoy public reputation resulted from full content and high purity of lanolin characteristic grease.
Naturally and gently refined from crude woolgrease sourced from Australian Merino wool
after multi-stage washing process , using solvent-free and advanced eco-friendly purification technologies.