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As one of the leading lanolin specialist with a history of over 20 years lanolin production experience,Fanrong is committed to different grades especially highest quality&purity lanolin. Fanrong has been fast growing in recent decade and our most competitive products have been highly evaluated by both overseas and domestic customers. Due to local environmental policy, we had to close our old plant established in 1997 in Wujiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu province and relocated to No. 88 Yanshan Road in the Suxu Modern Industrial Park in northeast Anhui province. Our new plant Anhui Fanrong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was put into run on the 26 June 2021...


100% Natura, Pesticides Free, Heavy Metal Free, Microbiology Free, Preservatives Free

Highly Purified Technology, Up To Latest Pharmacopeias Standards, Odorless, Low Pesticides, Free From Heavy Metal And Microbiology

Additive-Free Ensures, Absolutely Genuine Lanolin

"More Purity Lanolin,More Safety To Skin"As Per Pcpc